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Your Consultant for Radio Spectrum Management and HCM

Services and Business Process Automation for Telecommunication Regulatory Management and Radio Network Planning

Long lasting customer relationship with both public and regional German mobile network operators

PreHCM Services provides solutions and resources in the area of regulatory management for telecommunication operators for more than 15 years

Solutions for Telecommunication Regulatory Management on international markets are available since 2014

Nowadays Telecommunication regulation is getting increasingly complex. Tailored solutions provided by PreHCM Services based on modular software design bridge the gap between supporting customer specific processes and excellent price-performance-ratio.

We build Business Process Automation solutions and mass data processing systems based on our Of-the-shelf-solutions to ensure fast implementation and a good price-performance-ratio.

PreHCM Services quantified

More than 150000 processed site certificates

More than 100000 working hours a year saved by our customers

More than 1000000 working hours a year saved by our customers

More than 400000 managed antenna configurations in the AMS


Security of Information is top priority for us, as we supply KRITIS companies with software or provide consultation on specific processes. We therefore regularly have the secure handling of information certified by the auditors of TÜV Süd.

Our software solution to support the frequency allocation process ("frequency registration") in Germany now also supports TETRA radio applications.

By linking the PreHCM applications AMS and EMF, the tool environment "EMF Suite" was delivered to DFMG for piloting.