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Microwave Radio Authorization

Automation of the Authorization Process for Microwave Transmission Links

Software Solution for Mobile Network Operators to manage the Authorization Lifecycle of Microwave Links

PreHCM Microwave is a software solution to automate the business process „regulatory lifecycle management for microwave radio links“. It completely covers all interactions with the national regulatory authority.

PreHCM Microwave supports Network operators during request and approval procedures for Microwave Radio Transmission links.

The authorization process and the related data exchange of PreHCM Microwave is standardized for the respective authority and its formal requirements (for example XML format). For mobile network operators, the process and necessary interfaces are tailored to existing system landscapes and workflows, including the network planning tools in use. Existing modules for common planning tools, such as iQ.Link, APT or Inventory facilitate the connection.

PreHCM Microwave is part of the PreHCM portfolio which is designed to standardise and automate data exchange between regulatory authorities and network operator.

Microwave Transmission Link Request Management

Details for microwave transmission link requests

This form shows a necessary details of a microwave transmission link request and allows for comfortable editing. This includes technical details for the microwave transmission link, site location and antenna specific parameters as well as all administrational information to manage the request through the authority.

Sites for point to point microwave transmission connections

PreHCM Microwave keeps and administrates all data necessary to request permissions from regulatory authority. Data generated by other sources (microwave link planning tools, site data database etc.) will be imported and used to complete the request.


Interactive maps (i.e. OpenStreetMap) are used to display microwave transmission links. Icons indicate site labels, registrations numbers, geographical coordinates).

Integrated Workflow System

Process visualization and progress tracking

The flow chart show the lifecycle of a microwave transmission requests.

A web based application enables progress tracking and is tailored to the frequency management process of the respective regulatory authority.

Status changes work in an automated way or can be done manually.

Processing of authority certificates

Certificates (e.g. XML or PDF files) received from the regulatory authority are imported to our microwave request database.

PreHCM Microwave checks the certificate and identifies deviations.

Chronological sequence of all microwave requests

All information concerning microwave request handling is available to all parties involved (microwave transmission link planner, coordination functions etc.)

A dedicated view shows all details in a chronological sequence. 

Real-time Progress Reporting

Request status report

Progress status reports are generated and can be used to optimize processes and workflow.
Delayed request and general processing time are easily identified.

Expiring microwave transmission licenses

This special report gives an overview of licences about to expire in the next 6 months. It delivers the number and details of soon invalid becoming licences for a certain period of time (one week, one month, 3 months or 6 months).

Modified microwave transmission licenses

This report shows the amount of parameter changes in licences in a pie chart to be used for further working processes improvements.

Administration Features

Document management

The document management function shows all documents created by or edited on the system. This includes manually imported documents, documents received via email and documents created by the system.

A search function (find as you type) let you find a particular document.

User administration

All system users are listed in the master data file (names, roles etc.). New users can be added or existing user data can be modified in the user table.

On request PreHCM Microwave can be integrated in an existing single sign on (SSO) environment.

Interface integration

PreHCM Microwave can interact with a large number of tools via bus systems, web services, database links and database services and XML).

It has standardized interfaces to IQ-Link, APT and various inventory systems.

Many more Features

Request management

  • Tracking parameter changes of new and changed request's
  • Periodisation of requests
  • Return of frequency licenses
  • Rejection handling

Frequency assignment process

  • In Germany: frequency assignment for microwave transmission systems according to telecommunication act (TKG §55)
  • Master data registration for site-ID's

Tool integration and interfaces

  • Interfaces to microwave link planning tools
  • Interfaces to email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MAPI, Exchange Webservices [EWS])
  • Integration with workflow management systems
  • Interface to business activity monitoring system


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Onepager including all key facts about Microwave Radio Authorization
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