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EMF Simulation of mobile communications sites

WW Cluster for efficient usage of the BNetzA simulation tool "WattWächter"

Wattwächter is an simulation tool developed by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on behalf of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for issuing EMF site permit certificates. The underlying evaluation method is used in the "WattWächter" software for calculating and displaying the protection area in the vicinity of base station antennas at a specific site. The protection area is the three-dimensional area in which the legally prescribed limit value for the electromagnetic field strength is reached or exceeded.
The limits are defined for the electric and magnetic field according to the 26th BImSchV and depend on the frequency.
The PreHCM WW Cluster integrates the latest version of the “WattWächter” officially published by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) in a cloud environment in order to ensure efficient use of the software for the applicant.

The PreHCM EMF Toolsuite covers the entire lifecycle of the site certification process from the pre-assessment, through the application and receipt of approval, commissioning and occupational health and safety assessment to the decommissioning of sites.

Workflow for EMVU Simulation

Installation of radio systems

In the "Edit" dialog mask, all required parameters (antenna types, orientations and power requirements) are configured for the radio systems to be calculated on the site. The extensive field data archive can be used when selecting the antenna types.

Configuration of the calculation

The "Calculate" dialog mask specifies the size and position of the calculation plane for simulating the exposure range. Here it is possible to differentiate between different types of simulation (exposure area 1, exposure area 2, etc.). Furthermore, several parallel simulation sections can be calculated in one process.

Data import / data export

The configuration and section parameter files can be exported and imported. Result simulations can be superimposed on construction plans in order to show a direct visualization of the protection zones for the location. Created radio configurations and calculations are permanently stored for the user in the account.

Special features

Calculation archive

The data records from the simulations that have taken place are saved in the overview mask and can be modified at any time in order to simulate a different radio system configuration. This makes it easier for user to assess the exposure areas when the site is expanded with new radio technologies.

Central field data archive

A shared data share with antenna data (field files) is mounted in each operator instance and therefore does not have to be kept locally. This saves the user from having to store field data on local computer instances.

Parallel calculation

Parallel multiple calculations are possible in the Wattwächter Cluster, including display of the calculation progress using an architecture for mass data handling. This has the advantage that the user’s PC is not blocked for the duration of the simulation and other users can be active at the same time.


Onepager PreHCM WW Cluster
Onepager with all important information to PreHCM WW Cluster (EMVU simulation)
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