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Trunked Radio Networks

Services and Tools for Frequency Assignment

Frequency Assignment for Trunked Radio Networks (PMR / TETRA)

German trunked radio network operator require frequency licences to operate their radio stations (telecommunication act (§ 55 paragraph 1 und 3) The regulatory authority performs the frequency coordination process for all frequencies and for all radio sites. If all requirements are met a frequency license is issued. Changes of site or radio parameters trigger a new licence request.

It should be noted that many frequency licenses where temporary only and expired 31.12.2015 already.

PreHCM supports you during processing and improving your frequency request processes at a fixed price. This will begin with making a professional request documentation according to administrative regulation (VVBüfu) and go up to consulting and support.

Our Services

We are your Full Service Provider for Frequency Assignment of Trunked Radio Networks


  • Radio site and planning parameter
  • EMC conformity

Site evaluation and optimization using HCM method

  • HCM check
  • HCM optimization
  • HCM propagation footprint (antenna radiation pattern) and optimization

Frequency license request

  • Compiling site data
  • Making radio interference prediction plots
  • Establishing radio coverage footprint
  • EMC conformity request
  • TETRA-ITSI request

Frequency Assignment for TETRA Systems deployed at Offshore Wind Farms

The German implementing directive of the Ministry of Transport demands („Seeraumbeobachtung Offshore-Windparks“) that operator of offshore wind farms need a frequency license. The Regulatory Authority coordinates all frequencies for offshore areas and assigns each single frequency for a site location. Changing radio parameters trigger a new licence request.

Frequency assignment in marine area require a different frequency coordination process. Radio sites located in an exclusive economic zone (AWZ) are administered by BNetzA. BNetzA also does coordination with neighbouring countries.

Site Optimization for Trunked Radio Networks

Limitations to Trunked Radio Systems due to Border Proximity

Limits set by HCM agreement in border areas can put challenges on Trunked Radio sites. In worst case scenarios no economic justifiable operation won’t be possible. Respecting these obligations is monitored by national telecommunication regulatory Aauthorities – in Germany BNetzA.

The HCM Agreement provides a harmonized calculation method to predict interfering field strength levels. The calculation result depends on several radio parameters. Regulatory restrictions can make optimal radio coverage impractical.

Radio Site Optimization can help in difficult Cases

If field strength of radio sites exceed limits in border areas or at radio monitoring locations of BNetzA then these sites they don’t comply with regulations and won’t receive a frequency license. Complex changes of these sites are necessary or even moving of sites in bad cases can be required. Radio site tuning based on HCM calculations can fix the problem and save operators from additional cost.

PreHCM acts as your representative and manages the complete process for a radio site or even your entire network. Our goal is to successfully request the frequency licence with proven HCM compliance.


Why PreHCM Services is the best Partner for Trunked Radio Networks

Less time needed

Experienced consultants reduce time needed to request frequency licenses.

Cost effectiveness

Economic ratio of covered area versus interfered area.

Optimized frequency assignment

Getting the best possible frequency scenario for your network.

Connecting with radio coverage planning

Taking specific elements of the frequency request process into account early on.

Avoiding rejected frequency license requests

Avoiding costly and time consuming request rejections for your trunked radio network sites.

Minimising risk

Minimise your risks to launch trunked radio network sites.