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Katrin – Java Developer

Our secret UI weapon, which ensures that our solutions are not only really good, but also look that way.

Team member from day one

Initially, I had only planned to do an internship, as I wanted to focus more on game design. During my internship, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I could have programming software in the mobile sector. 
There is so much going on in this area that we are regularly confronted with completely new topics.
As I was also part of a newly launched project right from the start and was able to accompany the entire development process, it was clear to me that I wanted to stay here. 

In addition to software development, my job is to make sure that everything not only works perfectly, but also looks good. My main focus is therefore on the GUIs and our masks, for which I design the mockups at the start of the projects. The challenge and motivation here is to immerse myself in the material and think about how things need to be designed at their core so that they are functional and user-friendly at the same time.

It's great to see when we can make our customers' everyday lives easier through automation and user-friendliness.

And that's not all: due to our manageable size, I have the opportunity to get involved in overarching areas. I particularly enjoy the direct contact with our customers to understand what they really need so that we can simplify their processes, and experiencing the impact of our applications first-hand. I enjoy carrying out tests and training sessions or answering our customers' queries afterwards. The areas of work are therefore so varied that there is never a dull moment.

Together with our customers to achieve the best result

What is important for the success of a project is the perspective of the customer who will ultimately be using the product on a daily basis or who is already using parts of it. With a recently created prototype that we developed over six months, we were able to keep an eye on the fact that we were getting closer to the desired result step by step through weekly coordination meetings with our customer. The test cases we created helped us to regularly check that everything was working as it should and that we were not programming blindly in one direction. But how theory and practice actually interact only becomes clear at the end.

The moment we receive feedback from our customer is when things get exciting, as this is where the potential discrepancy between concept and development becomes apparent.


Good ideas often emerge during this phase as to which additional features customers could benefit from in the future and we use direct customer feedback to identify where we can optimize usability for daily use. This is the most challenging and at the same time the most interesting part of the project, as it is the only way to create a complete end product that is perfectly tailored to the customer and their needs. 

I particularly like it when we manage to surprise the customer and act as a kind of translator. At the start of a project, our customers often describe what they want from today's perspective, and our job is to translate this expectation into a modern development environment and make it user-friendly. In the best case scenario, we succeed in delivering an application to the customer that is better than they imagined and exceeds their expectations.

Trust is the basis on which everything works

Trust is an important foundation of our work and we practice open communication. I can talk directly to our boss, the project manager or the relevant colleague about technical issues at any time without having to follow rigid channels. The same applies to problems: I can address them clearly and they are taken seriously. 

I find it particularly important that I can deal openly with private issues because PreHCM sees the person behind the work and takes individual circumstances into consideration if necessary. This helps me to feel comfortable not only professionally, but also personally.

Trust naturally requires a contribution from both sides. As part of transparent communication, I try to ensure that my team knows what I am doing, where I am and what my availability looks like. I think this clear communication works well for everyone and encourages collaboration in our remote environment.

I value my creative freedom

What I particularly like about working at PreHCM is the creative freedom that allows me to break new ground. Just because something was done this way yesterday doesn't mean that it's still the right way today. Solutions and designs change and we try to achieve the best result for our customers every day. I enjoy the trust that is placed in me so that I can work independently and decide when it's time for something new and what I want to focus on. This allows me to channel my creative energy into the areas where I see the greatest added value.

The trust placed in me at PreHCM is also reflected in the flexibility with which I can organize my work. I can organize my time so that I work when I am most productive and can make the most of my creative impulses. This freedom not only promotes creativity, but also my general satisfaction and motivation at work.

Different mindsets lead to team success

During my studies, I was still one of the few women and I hope that the proportion will continue to increase. 

Becoming a software developer was the right move for me and I really enjoy my job because it challenges my creativity every day and I can think my way into new topics. 

Overall, our industry is a very diverse field in which everyone can contribute their talents and skills, so I am all the more pleased that it is becoming increasingly popular with women and that the number of female software developers is steadily increasing. 
Our projects and the various areas, such as UI and AI, are not only exciting, but they also require a lot of drive and ingenuity. Software development thrives on innovation and creative problem solving and integrating different ways of thinking can only be beneficial to create the best product.

Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced developer – join our team!

Contribute your ideas and help us to inspire our customers. Above all, if you enjoy getting involved in several areas of a project and appreciate variety, you've come to the right place. By the way: mobile communications, communications engineering and helping to reduce the blank spots on the map is more exciting than it sounds at first glance. If you are also passionate about developing Java and are a team player despite working remotely, I am convinced that you will feel right at home with us. 

Maybe we'll see each other in the next project!