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AED - fully automatic defibrillator set up at the company headquarters in Niedernberg

As a further building block for company health care, PreHCM has acquired a fully automatic defibrillator (AED).

With the instruction, which is mandatory for medical devices in Germany, the use of the AED in our business premises in Niedernberg is possible (and hopefully not required).

The permanent location of the AED is at the reception to our business premises. The use of the fully automatic defibrillator is possible for everyone in case of need.
After the device is switched on, it will guide you through the emergency rescue procedure in a calm voice. All utensils necessary for the use of the AED are available directly at the device (adhesive electrodes, clothing scissors ...). Fully automatic means for the first responder - just follow the instructions of the device! The AED analyzes independently and decides whether the delivery of a life-saving pulse in ventricular fibrillation is necessary. In addition, the first aider is supported by a clocking metronome and an indication of the required pressure strength in the display of the AED during cardiac massage.
Using the AED increases the chance of survival of an affected patient from 15% to 85%, i.e. many times over.