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Opening Ceremony - New Business Premises in Niedernberg introduced

During a small opening ceremony on Friday, October 7, 2022, we presented our new premises in Niedernberg to the entire PreHCM team with their families as well as to our business partners.

Unfortunately, it was not possible for everyone invited to take up the invitation. But for all curious people, many of whom had to cancel the invitation "literally at the last minute due to illness", we will gladly make up for the presentation of the business premises. Unfortunately, we will not be able to repeat the general conditions with the barbecue buffet.

In addition, as we have already done, we will also use the next weeks to invite all customers to the new location to discuss the regular technical topics and also to present the advantages of our new office to our customers.

In his speech, Gerhard L├╝dtke thanked both the landlord for the cooperative partnership and the organization team for the excellent preparation and smooth relocation. He also expressed his gratitude for maintaining the cooperative partnership with the "co-tenant" www.mentopolis.de with whom we continue to share our business premises.

The guests could experience how functional rooms and high-quality office furniture, enhanced by further design elements, can definitely encourage people to stay. To ensure that employees do not only feel comfortable but also get enough exercise, www.fechersfitnessfactory.de, which is housed in the same building, contributes to their well-being. Employees can use the fitness factory's facilities free of charge on the basis of a cooperation agreement. During the opening ceremony the children of our colleagues had the opportunity to test the offer sufficiently.

All in all a nice and successful event.

The PreHCM Services GmbH team