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A job with meaning: focusing on the digitalization of Germany

Always at the leading edge when it comes to the latest trends on the market, we help our customers in the field of telecommunications regulation management to find solutions for topics that will only be relevant tomorrow and make a contribution to network expansion and digitization in Germany. 

We are looking for bright minds who want to make a difference and become part of our team. For our various projects, we are looking for Java developers who are curious to break new ground with us and product managers who can map the interface to our customers - no matter where they are based. 

At PreHCM, you work where it's right for you.


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Benefits that make your everyday life easier

We see ourselves not only as an employer, but also as a point of contact. It is important to us that our employees feel comfortable and can imagine going their own way with us in the long term. Where we can, we support them with benefits and employer services.

We are continuously developing this area and moving with the times: be it in a professional context through remote work, flexible working hours, team events and involvement in decision-making processes, for example, or in the area that begins at the end of the working day. Among other things, we offer you the opportunity to lease a company bike, visit our gym with many health courses and take advantage of personal training opportunities or pension benefits.


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"It's great to see that the work has paid off because the customer is satisfied and our product has solved their problem."

Markus – Java Developer
works mainly remotely

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"I want to make a difference and actively help shape projects. That's why I'm here."

Katrin – Java Developer
works 100 % remotely

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"A lot is happening in the 5G sector in Germany and we are helping to make progress."

Marcel – Java Developer
works mainly at our site in Niedernberg

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"The idea that we are making a contribution to digitalization in Germany with our software, which supports network expansion, is a good feeling."

Dirk – Product Owner
works mainly remotely

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